Mondays are for Meditation


Meditation. Have you tried it yet? Like really. I started practicing Transcendental Meditation and it’s up there as one of the hardest things I’ve ever started. If you’re wondering how meditation can be challenging, then you probably haven’t tried it yet.

Here are a few ways Transcendental Meditation is said to improve your life:

1.     Reduced stress and anxiety

2.     Reduces negative emotions, trait anxiety, and neuroticism

3.     Can reduce blood-pressure and improve cardiovascular health.

4.     Slows biological aging: The biological age of long term TM meditators is on average 12 years younger than their chronological age compared to non-meditators.   

5.     Improves memory and mindfulness, and aids in self-realization.

6.     TM can fundamentally change self-perceptions and sense of suffering.

7.     Those who practice TM report experiencing a unity and wholeness in their awareness, filling them with a deep feeling of peace connectedness, and relief from stress.

You might be thinking: What’s so hard about sitting still for a few minutes?!

Transcendental Meditation involved sitting in a comfortable position for 15-20 minutes, twice a day, and clearing your mind completely. The mind is cleared by focusing on and repeating a mantra every time a distracting thought, sound or sensation disrupts your practice. When the time is ended an intention or centering thought is set to guide you through the rest of the day. By practicing this technique and changing your perception of the world around you, you can actually have a positive effect on the people, situations, and outcomes of your environment.   

I thought it would be easy to do. Just relax and don’t think for 15 minutes. Nope! My head can be a dark place. I’d focus on the mantra, listen to calming music and still something would sneak in that would spike my worries, fears, anxieties. Sometimes I’d be so overwhelmed with emotions that I’d just silently cry while trying to clear my mind of whatever pain was presenting itself. Oddly, when this would happen, I didn’t want the bell to ring telling me the meditation had ended. I felt a desire to introspect for healing to my suffering. Embracing the healing has made my practice more effective and me more peaceful.    

I learned that my meditation is about learning to live in the present moment. Anxiety about the past is over. Fears about the future haven’t happened yet. All I have (all you have) is the present moment. Whatever happened a year ago, an hour ago, 30 seconds ago… is already over and I can’t change it. I feel as though the practice of TM has helped to raise my vibration and given me a better view of who I am, what my purpose is, and what things are or are not for me in this life. This is an on-going self-discovery, and I am learning to embrace my higher purpose of being MYSELF and experiencing this life in my current existence by silencing the noise that distracts me from living fully.

If you want to know more about meditation, raising your vibration, or discovering your truest purpose, I am always here to listen and be of service.

In the spirit of peaceful meditation: The Light in Me Salutes the Light in You. Namaste.

Lidia Garcia