The Lust for Life 

The Lust for Life mission is to intuitively guide client-athletes toward finding self-love, self-acceptance, and authenticity inside and apart from our chosen sports. Using a holistic mind-body-spirit approach to self-discovery, overcome fears of failure and self-doubt resulting in a healthier, more gratifying life. Together we can answer some of life's most existential questions: "Who am I? Am I living my true purpose?"   

Lidia Garcia, MSW

Athlete, Social Worker, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist 

The Lust for Life is led by Lidia Garcia. 

Lidia is a competitive local elite runner who uses a sport-driven approach toward reaching greater self-awareness and self-love in order to embrace life's challenges. Living an truly authentic, heart-full life is to be ever evolving; Lidia compassionately shares her journey toward wholeness and self-love by teaching and inspiring others as she goes. 

Lidia is a Master of Social Work and a Master of Hypnotherapy. She earned her MSW from Columbia University and clinical Hypnotherapy at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute.